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Google Maps was upgraded once again. The "driving", "navigation", "transit" and "explore" maps will now highlight the most relevant information for a particular area.
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Beginner's Guide to Geotagging

Geotagging is the process of enriching multimedia by adding data that allows it to be identified from a geographical point of view. We are talking about methods that allow us to tag digital photographs, videos, and so on. Here's a detailed tutorial that shows how to geotag your photos, for example.

Most times, the added metadata includes the latitude and longitude coordinates where the picture was taken. However, newer versions of the standard also allow the inclusion of height, date, hour and even the name of the place where a photo was taken.

It's a fantastic opportunity, because it allows you to remember the place where you've taken a picture later on, even if you have forgotten the exact location. This means that you will have the possibility to revisit a great spot, or see it again anytime you want to, virtually, by using applications such as Waze Map.

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Best GPS Cameras

We all love our smartphones. They are tiny, and yet powerful computers, and most of them can fit in pretty much any pocket, right? Not to mention that they also include a camera and a GPS chip, which makes them the perfect tool to snap and automatically geotag pictures.

Still, as much as I'd love my modern Samsung phone, I feel a bit envious whenever I see images that were snapped by my friend's Canon EOS camera. Yes, those pictures look fantastic! And why wouldn't they look better than mine, when the camera's CMOS sensor and lens are huge?

If you feel the same, you've probably outgrown the smartphone camera, and you are ready to go to the next level. Fortunately, some DSLR cameras (not too many, though) also incorporate a GPS and Wi-Fi features, making it really easy to geotag your photos on the fly. Of course, if you are away from the router, you may need an external Wi-Fi antenna and a cable.

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Top 3 Smartphone Cameras

Frankly, I wanted to review more smartphone cameras before starting to write this article. But as I was doing my research, the conclusion has become more and more evident: only tree phones have the right to claim the "best camera" (as well as the "best phone") title: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2. Fortunately, all of them include GPS chips and have integrated geotagging abilities. Let's review these phones' cameras, one at a time.

The new Galaxy Note 8 has managed to restore Samsung's reputation, which was severely affected by the huge Note 7 battery failure. And most reviewers agree that Note 8 is a great phone, which has not one, but two 12-megapixel cameras.

As you can imagine, the images captured in dual mode, when both cameras are working, have a higher resolution, and thus need a bigger storage space. Fortunately, Note 8 supports microSD cards with capacities that can reach 256 MB - that's plenty of space in my book. There is a small lag when you are snapping images using the dual mode, but you get used to it.

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Nokia has sold its "Here" maps software development unit to Audi, BMW, and Mercedes for the nice sum of $3 billion.
Bing Maps has added many new locations to its "Bird's Eye" feature. New areas include Austin, Texas, San Francisco County, Niagara Falls, NY and Orlando, Fla.